Revolution Sports Management is a talent agency focusing on professional and aspiring cricket players

We take a holistic approach... paying a high level of personal attention to each individual player to help them make the best decision.

We respond to clients changing needs as their career develops.

We don’t just do contract negotiations... We focus on developing relationships with cricket clubs and worldwide franchises, paying attention to the relationship that exists between the player and his/ her coaching staff.

We focus on the physical and mental well-being of our players. We want our guys to have happy and fulfilling careers.

We’re in it for the long haul... We understand the pressures of professional sport and we place great value in taking care of our players long term goals and aspirations.

There’s a big world out there... life goes on, off the field during sports careers and most athletes finish their on-field activity with 20+ years of their working lives still ahead of them. RSM can guide sportspeople through this potentially difficult period and open up the next exciting chapter.

For further information contact Steve Selwood:
+44 (0)7968 758220